All Services provided at AM Garage

Car Service

Basic service, Full service, Major service, Free pickup.

Car Repair

Mechanical repairs, Electrical repairs, Car diagnostics.

Car Detailing

Car polishing, Car cleaning, Interior cleaning, Exterior cleaning.

Car Oil Change

Premium oil change, Oil filter change, Oil flushing, 360-degree health check.

Car Maintenance

General car maintenance, Basic, Full, and Major service packages, Auto mechanical and electrical repairs.

Car Engine Repair

Engine tuning, Engine detailing, Engine diagnosis, Complete engine overhaul.

Car Transmission Repair

Transmission inspection, Transmission programming.

Car Scanning & Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics, Gearbox diagnostics, Advanced diagnostics.

Car Battery Replacement

Car battery replacement, Car Battery checkup.

Car Tinting

Premium window tinting, Sun control tint, 3M car tinting, Heat rejection tint.

Car Pre-Purchase Inspection

Physical inspection, 360-degree health checks, Comprehensive diagnosis.

Car Peelable Paint

Premium peelable paint, 10x better than wrapping, no damage to original paint.

What cars we work on?


Our team specializes in the following brands: