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Car Detailing

You don’t want the scorching heat, environmental and industrial effects, embedded contaminants, germs diminishing the glow of your car. It is hard to maintain the vehicle’s visual and functional aesthetics, especially in a city like Dubai. An ordinary car wash can’t protect your automobile from corrosion, germs, and allergens. Car detailing isn’t your typical car wash; it aims to protect the interior and exterior surfaces and restore your vehicle’s original charm. Our car detailing experts will attend to the thorough interior and exterior cleaning procedures with the specialized tool and materials you can’t avail of at home.

Our Services

Our services aim to remove imperfections and restore beauty. From a classic car wash to polishing and protecting your car, both interior and exterior of your vehicle, our experts will deliver the results to bring back the beauty.

Your car will get top-to-bottom cleaning, cosmetic touch-ups to eliminate scratches or swirl marks and make it appear a brand new purchase. All the interior, from dashboard and upholstery to windshield and trunk, will vacuum to remove grime and filth layers.

The detailing service in a city like Dubai will prevent your car from the scorching heat, corrosion, oxidation, and climatic hazards while maintaining the gloss and increasing the resale value.

What You Will Get

  • Comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting service
  • Interior cleaning and vacuuming
  • Exterior cleaning and touch-ups
  • Polishing, waxing, buffing


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