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Engine Repair

Your car’s maintenance and repair isn’t only limited to oil change. It’s about keeping your car’s engine health in check to avoid any catastrophic engine failure that will need expensive overhauls or replacement of the engine. Making your car work more intensely than it requires will shorten its engine life. So, if any minor engine issue emerges, seek out our expert’s help before it can turn into a significant hurdle.

What Our Services Has to Offer

If your car is experiencing knocking or rattling sounds, ignition problem, low mileage, it signifies a troubled engine. We, at AM Garage, will precisely evaluate your car’s engine status and recommend preventive maintenance.

With the latest engine diagnostic equipment, our qualified experts can ensure fast and accurate diagnostics of your engine issues and repair and restore the engine’s performance.

You can rely on our certified auto specialists who will carry out necessary repair work from making minor engine repairs, tuning, and diagnosis to extensive engine overhaul. You will also get an honest and upfront suggestion on whether to repair or replace your engine.

Should your car need engine replacement, our experts, with their high-grade craftsmanship, will replace your dead engine with quality replacement and will give your vehicle a new lease on life.

What You Will Get

  • Troubleshooting with the latest diagnostic equipment
  • Quality engine replacement
  • Engine tuning
  • General to a major repair, maintenance, and preventive measures

Call us for more information to get reliable and trusted car repair services in Dubai. We will be happy to assist you and go above and beyond to get your car on the roads again.

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