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Oil Change Service

Is your engine producing excessive rumbling or knocking sound? Or has your car run more than its recommended mileage? It means it’s time for oil replacement and oil filter. Lubrication is the lifeline of an engine, and it is crucial to keep tabs on engine oil at regular intervals. Else, it will be a hub of debris and particles collected from the engine. Our automotive technicians offer professional oil change and filter replacement for enhanced performance of car and fuel economy.

  • Whether your vehicle needs synthetic oil, motor oil, or synthetic blend, our certified automotive technicians will provide recommendations depending on the car’s requirements, driving style, or as specified by your manufacturer.
  • If your vehicle requires an oil switch or upgrade to help ease the engine’s extra strain, our professional experts will guide you according to your car’s make and model.
  • We also facilitate the proper disposition of the old oil to avoid contamination of our precious natural resources.
  • If you don’t follow proper recommendations from the manufacturer, you may run the risk of losing warranty coverage; we, at AM Garage service, ensure the use of quality oil brands to avoid losing the warranty.
  • On top of that, we provide a complimentary 360-degree health check and vehicle inspection service with every fuel change. You will notice the difference our inspection services make to keep your car run smoothly.

Having reliable oil change services in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai will give you the peace of mind you need. Contact AM Garage Service for oil change service in Dubai and drive stress free. Don’t forget to ask our workshop personnel regarding any car oil change offers.

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