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Scanning and Diagnostics

Diagnosing and scanning your car can help identify errors before it escalates into a costly and significant repair. It pinpoints underlying issues and checks the absolute condition of your automobile. It’s a preventive measure that ensures the safety system. Get your car diagnosed when the “check engine” light illuminates to save precious time and money later. At AM Garage, we are equipped with the up-to-date diagnostic tools for accurate assessment of your car, should it show unmistakable signs of trouble.

Our Services

From the engine to the suspension and electronics, our professional experts will closely scrutinize every part of your vehicle to analyze and rectify the problem.

Our diagnostic relies on the progressive diagnostic software that can reveal existing issues beforehand, including problems with the transmission, AC, exhaust, and a whole range of other systems. Our updated software documents all the trouble codes to rectify any possible defects.

With the help of a diagnostic report with all the trouble codes, our experts recognize the faults to address the issue sooner before it manifests a significant mark and avoids a costly repair later.

  • System and components diagnosis
  • Tracking of Faults
  • Latest diagnostic tools and software
  • Advance scanning and consultation

Reach out to us for more information to get reliable diagnosing and scanning services in Dubai. We will be happy to help you correctly diagnose your car in the first go before commencing repair work.

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