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Car Tinting

Why let harmful rays enter your vehicle and scorching heat ruin your ride? In a city like Dubai, tinting your car is a means to beat the heat. Whether you are anxious about harmful UV rays, glare, solar heat, privacy, or a car’s interior protection, tinting the car alleviates your distress and enhances your comfort. Our professional tint installers will help you safeguard against hazardous heat and improve your car’s aesthetics.

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Select from a wide variety of shades ranging from light to dark to block windshield glare. If you are undecided in choosing the right shade, our professional tinting experts will guide you to choose the right shade to match your style.

We offer installation of 3M window tints and other tints as per your needs and requirements. We are also familiar with the vehicle window tinting laws to avoid penalties and stress both.

From prepping your windows to aligning and installing your window tint without any air traps, we make sure to maintain aesthetics and views out your windows.

Window tinting is an art that not everyone can master. Let our experts help you upgrade your car’s protection by skillfully applying the tint to your windows without any air bubbles, water bubbles, dirt, or fingerprints trapped beneath the tint.

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